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 Chains techniques

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PostSubject: Chains techniques   Tue Dec 14, 2010 8:42 pm


Elemental Bind!:

By touching any substance anything in touch with that same thing is binded to it
This can be used in bad ways and good ways XD

Good way by binding air i'm able to walk the sky like if flying

But by binding someone to sand i na beach i can support long ranges atacks from the sea and oponents will never be able to reach the sea( epic fail is i have no long range skills xD )


Able to lock anything touched so i can lock air for example and make a chain out of it


Is the opossite XD

Key Domain!

Create a domain where everything that walks in is binded but i cant move

Chains of sharing

by linking 2 pepole souls all damage even shared by those linked can be used on oponents making the battle an enurance test

Combo skills! xD

i can bind pepole powers so for example if a user of fire and a user of water i can make them connect they're powers making steam

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Chains techniques
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