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 Lynn, Neytiri

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PostSubject: Lynn, Neytiri    Tue Nov 23, 2010 10:37 am

The Basics

Name: Neytiri Lynn

Nick Name:Tiri

Age: 18

Date of Birth: October 31,1992

Gender: Female

Race: Demon

Likes: Orange objects, hunting, being hunted

Dislikes: Being bored, pink objects, needles

Personality: Neytiri is the girl who is more of an outcast. She never speaks to anyone hardly, and she usually is somewhere in a dark forestry area, hunting. She like to be alone sometimes but then again she dont. The only things she can talk to is either herself or the plant and animal life around her.

The Appearence

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 136lbs.

Eye color: Orange

Hair color: Red

Hair Style: Long, wavy and sometimes put up into a bun.



Power: Neytiri can teleport anywhere she likes as long as she can see the area on a picture, has already been there or is looking right at it. The only problem is that sometimes it takes a lot of energy out of her and makes her pass out if she teleports too much.

Talents/ Abilities: Speedy, strong

Neytiri Lynn was born on the night of Halloween in 1992 in the Dream Land. She was born from a Demon woman which was her birth mother. Her mother's name was Natalia Lynn Andrews, as her father's name was Luke Allen Andrews, he was also a demon that her mother Natalia had mated with. Neytiri's mother died after giving birth to her so as she was growing up she lived with her father. Her father was the one to give her the name "Neytiri Lynn". The middle name was after her mother. Neytiri and her father did not live in one place, but many places. They were constantly traveling and hiding themselves from others because of Neytiri. The reason for that was because the others around them thought that Neytiri had killed her mother on purpose, so they wanted to hunt down Luka dand Neytiri so that they can do the same to her as she did to her mother.Though the towns people were wrong, they continued to go after her. When Neytiri reached the age of 16, her father died protecting Neytiri. Within his dieing breaths, her father told her to go to a certain place where he says that she will be safe, a particular part of Dream Land. So from then on, Neytiri traveled around everywhere, looking for this particular part of Dream Land like her father told her. It wasnt until two years later she finally found it. She was now 18 years old and still the outcast. But when she arrived there, she hoped that she wouldnt be the outcast anymore, but be normal, well, semi normal.

Demon look:
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PostSubject: Re: Lynn, Neytiri    Wed Nov 24, 2010 6:44 am

I finallt get to use my awsome approval stamp XD.
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Lynn, Neytiri
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