Based on two Worlds. The Real world and Dreamland. The world where anything is possible
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 The Impostor's New Groove

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PostSubject: The Impostor's New Groove   Sat Dec 04, 2010 8:47 am

Owning such a vast palace and nothing to do in it but sit or stumble around because of your size, must be extremely depressing. Just ask the 9 foot Nightmares Lord Mildrrig yourself. Quite bored of being inside, the monstrosity made its way to the front of his castle, turning into his 'human' form to fit through the doorway. What came through the door way may have looked awkwardly large, but at least it looked human. And a fairly handsome one at that. Raud, for that was he, took a deep long breath and smiled.

"I love this place"
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The Impostor's New Groove
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