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 Charcter Application

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PostSubject: Charcter Application   Fri Dec 03, 2010 5:43 am

The Basics

Name: Alice Destin (Guy)

Nick Name: Chains

Age: 17

Date of Birth: 1st january 1993

Gender: Male

Race: Traveler


Tomatos( i had a bad dream once....)

Chains is a very easy-going person, often cracking jokes and not taking life seriously.

The Appearence

Height: 5’ 3”

Weight: 60kg

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: White

Hair Style: just like my Avatar

Appearance: Average european stature 1.70 meters often seen wearing random atention calling shoes. White hair bue eyes and caucasian skin

Power: The Power to Bind connect and disconnect
Can connect and disconnect and bind anything


he is able to disconnect someone soul and connect it in someone else( For example someone is tired and i can transfer a soul to another body for a limited time so that they can use a body thats not they're own losing his skills but using his host body ones )

Can bind enemies if i bind myself to an element for example he touches earth he can bind whatever is in touch with earth although if he loses contact with earth the connection breaks

Can create chains of energy that react to his thought although the binding power varies according to the catalyst.

Everything works as a catalaist since has teh ability to connect and disconnect structures to a molecular lvl possible on humans and animals but the energy needed for that would result in my own death

Restsriced area all the ones who come in a small radius or anything for that matter is bound and made useless this is a passive ability and cant be used with anything else at the same time

Chains of fate connecting two bodys sharing the damage in even partyes used on who ever is

Talents/ Abilities:

his Strenght is under average a pretty normal speed and a godly endurance due to teh torture he got from his past


Born ina wealthy family Alice was raised as a spoil brat used to have everything he wanted till one they his family house was victim to an assaultto his mansion that stripped him from his parents life as welll as his wealth and his promised love.
He was kidnapped by the assaulters who were hired by his greedy uncle and they bound him to chains in a dark cave for days making him reach a state of madness the answer to this torture was the adaptaion of his brain to the circunstanceshe wassent to an orphanage till he was adopted at the age of 10. His new parents punished him for all he did he was made to study and work himself to bring money home till one day he Jumped from a window in despair and went ina deep comma that lent him to the Dreamworld where he had to fight his fear of chains and binded fate so he fought till he became free and won his power accordingly
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PostSubject: Re: Charcter Application   Fri Dec 03, 2010 9:26 pm

The powers are weird to me. I understand them they just see OP to me. But i will accept, but I will be watching you Suspect

Anyway cool character, looking forward to rping with you.
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Charcter Application
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