Based on two Worlds. The Real world and Dreamland. The world where anything is possible
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 chasing a dream...

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PostSubject: chasing a dream...   Tue Nov 30, 2010 7:06 am

Noah walked in his house late about ten o clock. He was tired school was boring and after school was always entertaining for him atleast. Girls, pizza, fun and more girls. Thats what his after school life was like. But for some reason today he wanted it to end kind of quickly. He wanted to be home to sleep.

He walked in the door, his mom had dinner ready and his sister were watching tv all three of them. "Hey Noah! how was school today. Fail anymore tests?" His oldest sister teased.

Noah snickered and went up to his room. Noah didnt really mind cause he never really failed tests, he got good grades on tests despite ever really wanting to go to school. "Going to bed mom, kinda tired." He yelled from up the stairs.

He entered his room and sat on his bed, he dropped down closing his eyes. Entering Dreamland.
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chasing a dream...
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