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 Noah Savane (WIP)

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PostSubject: Noah Savane (WIP)   Wed Nov 24, 2010 1:38 pm

The Basics

Name: Noah Savane

Nick Name: Johhny 13, Ghost-Maker, The king of losers

Age: 17

Date of Birth: march 2nd 1993

Gender: male

Race: Traveler

Apple pie


Personality: Noah is a problem child. Never really liked school, never really tried to excell at it. But he goes against his own will, skipping alot. Noah is quite the athlete although he doesnt particepate in school. He is very confident in himself, but he doesnt let it get to cocky. Despite his appearence he can keep his cool in certain situations. He is quite the ladies man although rarely ever school, he is popular. In school he is known as the King of Losers, but this isnt such a bad name. Noah embraces it, it means he is king rebel.

The Appearence

Height: 6"2"

Weight: 175

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: black

Hair Style: Short and messy but has a spiky look to it

Appearance: The avatar picture is what Noah looks like exactly
But here are some other pictures : P





Power: Noah has the ability to summon ghosts in dreamland. These ghosts help in battle, can use some attacks of their own. They are also made from a white mist that comes from his body. Despite their appearence, these ghosts can be destroyed.

Talents/ Abilities:

parkour: Noah is really talented at parkour, free movement. Him being really agile and quick with his feet. He is able to move his body and use his enviroment to his advantage. Because of this he is a great acrobat.

music: Noah does a talent for music, he can ay guitar and the drums. And his voice is not that bad either. But that only comes second to him writting music. He is a great writter for poetry and music. But he doesnt let alot of people know this.

Sports: He is also able to play most sports pretty well, but he doesnt join a team. His favorite sport to play is basketball.


Noah was born in a normal home, not much to it. Nice house nice living everything was ok. But even back then in his early childhood Noah was a rebel. He has two older sisters in college and a younger sister which he is very fond off. When he was smaller he would constantly pull pranks on his older sisters. He was always a trouble maker. But he was smart, that’s what people had to give him.
Overall Noah didn’t have much of a tragic history, he never experienced loss, or anything similar.
But Noah always did have a fear for ghosts and mist. Whenever there was a fog he would hide behind his sisters or his mom. He never really much liked the idea of spirits and ghosts and haunted houses that dealt with ghosts. It was just like a random fear he had, he hated ghosts, mist and spirits.
Whenever kids dressed up as ghosts for Halloween he ran away or beat them up if he summed up the courage to actually approach them.
This fear actually carried on into his teen years but he hid it as best he could. He let no one know about it.
His rebel stage didn’t start to take effect until junior high. That’s when he was starting to be called a loser. But a cool loser for people thought. It was a way to make the word loser cool. It was lame but he liked it just because it was different. Noah started to become notorious for his antics and “bad boy” ways. The girls loved it and the guys respected it. He even became popular with the teachers not wanting him in their class.

Just about two nights ago Noah had overcame his fear of ghosts and mist. While in a nightmare he faced his fears and captured his powers. Now he is somewhat getting used to his new night life.

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PostSubject: Re: Noah Savane (WIP)   Mon Nov 29, 2010 1:27 am

Demon look:
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Noah Savane (WIP)
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